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Dare Something Worthy with Your Business

Old-school economics said that the only purpose of business is to make a profit. True, you’ve got to make a profit, or you don’t have a business. But that’s like saying that because we need red blood cells to live, that the purpose of our life is to make red blood cells. We are bigger […]

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How to Lead Change in Your Business Like a Boss

Change your business or it will die. Ouch. That’s a pretty dramatic statement, and it carries a serious truth. For your business to be sustainable, it has to change. Incrementally, as you adjust to small shifts like the changing needs of your customers for a new product or service. Significantly, when your customers and the […]

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5 Business Lessons I Learned From My Mom

Who would you expect to be Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran’s most important mentor? Barbara says in her new podcast, Business Unusual, that her mom was her best teacher when it came to business. I’ve been fortunate to have had several mentors (I always have at least one coach, usually more), and I value them […]

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How to Go from Overwhelmed to Productive

When you’re in the middle of overwhelm territory in your business, it’s hard to find the map or GPS to find your way out. Here are 3 strategies to guide you: 1. Ask yourself: Is my overwhelm a stand-in for something else? Overwhelm can mask other things, like fear. Are you starting something new? Do […]

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Are You There for Your Customers?

I have a question for you. Are you there for your customers? I don’t mean, do you show up for work every day? That’s a given, an implicit agreement. That’s the bare minimum. I don’t even mean, do you have a customer service process that works? That’s also the price of entry: it’s how you […]

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