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Entrepreneur Energy: How to Create a Really Big Pool, Part 1

Vol-1-Iss-10-5k-finish-line-sizedEntrepreneurs need energy.  Energy to create, to connect, to take action.  You need energy to be the awesome I AM that you are, in your business and your life.

All the great things you accomplish in business start with great self-care.

With great self-care, you can create a really big pool of energy to draw on.

It’s easy to get caught up in the doing of your business.  Especially when you are taking steps to learn and grow, to make changes, to create alchemy!

When I first started my business 17 years ago, I was psyched!  I started making connections with information interviews, and then got into marketing in a big way.  That led to lots of business.  And I found myself working days, evenings, weekends.

After a few months of this, I started to feel burned out.  The very feeling I wanted to avoid, having left my corporate job and that environment of, ‘work til you drop’.

The difference, though, was that I was now the decision-maker.  Not just about aspects of my work, but the management of my energy as well.

I slowed down, taking on fewer projects, even taking breaks between projects so I could work on my business from a strategic perspective.

The funny thing was, when I did better at managing my energy, I made even more revenue!  And I sure was a lot happier!

That experience was a big lesson for me.  Managing my energy well not only led to more income.  It led to greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and ease in my business.

Energy is so crucial.  And it’s not just about energy when you need it.  Almost everyone can dig deep and pull out some energy to do that one last thing before launching a product, or get revved up after weeks of preparation for a workshop.

Those situations can and do come up.  We can get into a practice, though, of just pushing on through, digging deep.  Energy when you need it.

I’m talking about energy that you call on when you want it.

Imagine an easy flow of energy in your business and your life.  A feeling of being energized, of readily bumping up your energy when you want more in talking to a client or making a presentation.  A sense of freedom from knowing that it’s there and waiting for you to use.

In order to have all of that, plan ahead a little bit, and create practices that infuse energy into your life on a regular basis.

So let’s start filling your energy pool so you can dive in when you want it!  Here are the first three practices of self-care that really support your energy level:

1.  Move it!  Yeah, I know.  The thought of exercise might make you want to lie down until the feeling passes.  But taking care of your body, one of your greatest tools and gifts, and having a practice of exercise has huge benefits in energy, more than you might imagine.  The energy that you get from exercise isn’t all physical.  Your ability to learn and retain new information is directly enhanced by exercise.  Since learning brings new ideas, new opportunities, and those bring awesome mental and emotional energy, who wouldn’t want to fill that pool?

The key to sticking with exercise is to move your body in ways that feel good, that are fun for you.  What one activity can you think of that moves your body and feels great?

2.  Eat lavishly well.  This is not about finishing your green beans.  This is about lavishly nurturing your body and your soul.  Food doesn’t have to just consist of calories.  It can be a healthful, fragrant, visually beautiful experience for all your senses.  Think organic, fresh, in a mixture of colors.  Self-care in this way is all about self-love – what you feed your body, eyes, mind in a way that strengthens you, washes you with energy, and sustains you.

What healthful, beautiful food can you eat today that would really feel great?

3.  Corral all the support you want.   Being an entrepreneur can be a solitary undertaking.  You may be surrounded by people, but the decisions remain all your own.  Rounding up all kinds of support is not only awesome self-care, it’s smart!  You can tap into the energy and wisdom of others to build on.  My business mastermind is an awesome group of women, all growing their businesses from the inside out.  They are amazing energy boosters!  They offer support, ideas, and feedback, and they are there when needed.  I’m so grateful to have them in my business!

What one source of support can you create for yourself in the next week?  Some ideas: call on a friend, partner with another entrepreneur to touch base weekly for support and clarity, bring in a coach, join a mastermind, create an advisory board.

These three practices will get you well on your way to excellent self-care.

But wait, there’s more! 🙂

Next week, four more practices are coming your way to really get you grounded in self-care.

The road to business success isn’t navigated by strategy and tactics alone.  You need your energy, available when you want it, to follow the opportunities that you choose.  You need energy to take action and build momentum.

You are at the heart of your business.  Your energy is what drives it.  Let’s create a really huge pool for you to jump into!


What one practice of self-care can you start today?

What would great self-care mean for you and your business?

Share your ideas!

Leave a comment below.


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2 Responses to Entrepreneur Energy: How to Create a Really Big Pool, Part 1

  1. Christy July 2, 2013 at 12:44 pm #

    So True! A great idea in addition to all you recommend in the Rapid Revenue course! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Ursula Jorch July 2, 2013 at 1:28 pm #

      Thanks! Glad it – and Rapid Revenue – are proving so useful to you!

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