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Want To Have the Energy of Wonder Woman?

Are you Wonder Woman?  Or the male equivalent?

Ever notice how much energy super-heroes have available to them, ready whenever needed? Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to have that in your business?

One thing that is clear from the almost 100 interviews I’ve done for the Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews podcast: your greatest asset as an entrepreneur is your energy.

These successful and impactful entrepreneurs and leaders, almost without exception, have a daily routine that supports their energy. From meditation to exercise, the things they do to nurture their energy varies, but they all are committed to a practice that works for them.

Here are 3 blog articles that will help you develop your own routine and create practices that support your own greatest asset, your energy:

Entrepreneur Energy: How to Create a Really Big Pool, Part 1
Three practices to nurture your body and soul.

Entrepreneur Energy: How to Create a Really Big Pool, Part 2
Four more practices to manage the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

What To Do When Everything In You Says, Stop
So much is written about how to keep going as an entrepreneur. Sometimes, that’s not the answer. Learn more about how to respond when stopping is the message you’re getting.

You may not be Wonder Woman yet, but with these resources, you can make great progress in managing your energy effectively, so you have more impact.


For more on practices to nurture your energy, click here for the Alchemy Assignment!


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