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Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews

Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews

In this podcast series, learn and be inspired by successful leaders who have positive impact in their business and beyond.

Having impact, being a positive influence in the world, touches a deep human need in all of us to contribute and change lives for the better. Impact is grounded in love – love for yourself, for others and for the world.


Recent Episodes

Nancy Duarte interviewed by Ursula Jorch for The Impact InterviewsEpisode 104: NANCY DUARTE

Communication expert and author Nancy Duarte heads up a firm that is the global leader behind some of the most influential visual messages in business and culture. Listen as she tells the stories of her own entrepreneurial journey and her take on impact.

Bridget Boudreau interviewed by Ursula Jorch for The Impact InterviewsEpisode 103: BRIDGETTE BOUDREAU

Conscious business executive and life coach Bridgette Boudreau joins us to talk about her unique career journey, and how she is currently supporting the mission of Sounds True to spread spiritual wisdom.

David LaMotte interviewed by Ursula JorchEpisode 102: DAVID LaMOTTE

Award-winning songwriter, speaker, and author David LaMotte speaks to connecting each other in an invitational way in his business. Through the diversity of his music, nonprofit, and writing, David deconstructs the myth of powerlessness.

Sarah Seidelmann interviewed by Ursula JorchEpisode 101: SARAH SEIDELMANN

Fourth-generation physician turned shamanic healer and life coach Sarah Seidelmann joins us for a conversation about living courageously and enthusiastically. She shares her own story and the ways of shamanic healing, along with a behind the scenes view of her business.

Marianne Williamson interviewed by Ursula Jorch for The Impact InterviewsEpisode 100: MARIANNE WILLIAMSON

Internationally acclaimed spiritual author and teacher, Marianne Williamson, joins us to talk business. Her perspectives on impact, money, clients, and team continue to shed light on how we can remain spiritually aligned while doing business.

Episode 99: URSULA JORCH

You can have impact every day, by adopting these 7 habits of highly impactful people. In this podcast episode, Ursula teaches you the 7 habits of highly impactful people, and how you can bring them into your own work and life. These habits pay off hugely, not only in how much impact you have, but financially in your business too. By following these 7 habits of highly impactful people, you and your business will make a difference. Your impact is a gift to us all.


Non-conformist Chris Guillebeau has spent his life following freedom, independence and community as an entrepreneur. His popular books, podcast and annual World Domination Summit gathering have created a following of entrepreneurs and side hustle explorers.

Masami Sato interviewed by Ursula JorchEpisode 97: MASIMO SATO

Helping entrepreneurs have transforming, life-changing impact through giving projects, Masami Sato’s organization, Buy 1 Give 1, presents opportunities for meaningful contributions to solving big problems. An author and speaker, Masami shares her journey with leadership in her business.

Andy Hnilo interviewed by Ursula JorchEpisode 96: ANDY HNILO

A life-changing car accident led former model and athlete Andy Hnilo to create a company of skin care products to heal himself and others. Andy’s experience is a great example of his discipline and persistence moving him past his accident and into a whole new life.

Boyd Varty interviewed by Ursula JorchEpisode 95: BOYD VARTY

Growing up in the African wilderness has prepared speaker, author and coach Boyd Varty for his work of helping people, individually and in organizations, restore their connection with their own true nature. The connectedness of the African village environment is what he helps create in companies.

Kimberly GrahamEpisode 94: KIMBERLY GRAHAM

Collaborative divorce lawyer Kimberly Graham is a compassionate and respectful ally who is on a mission to educate people so they can move forward through divorce with dignity. She believes that divorce can’t undo a family, so the collaborative process is critical to the health of a family after divorce.

Ursula Jorch interviews Tess Vigeland for The Impact InterviewsEpisode 93: TESS VIGELAND

In this liminal space between her highly successful career as a journalist and host of Marketplace Money on NPR, Tess Vigeland is exploring what is possible in her life after the career she wanted and achieved. Listen in as she shares her insights into taking the leap.

George Kao interviewed by Ursula Jorch for The Impact InterviewsEpisode 92: GEORGE KAO

Marketing expert George Kao realized he wasn’t having the impact he wanted to have, so he shut down his multi-6-figure marketing business and started over. This courageous move led to a full practice and clients with their own impact realized.

Chris Zydel interviewed by Ursula Jorch for The Impact InterviewsEpisode 91: CHRIS ZYDEL

Creative entrepreneur Chris Zydel works with clients through intuitive painting and other means to help them connect to their aliveness, their intuition. She believes that everyone is deeply creative and that we can use that creativity for life-changing personal transformation.

Martin Perelmuter interviewed by Ursula Jorch for The Impact InterviewsEpisode 90: MARTIN PERELMUTER

With clients like actor Michael J. Fox, Dragon Kevin O’Leary, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the business created by Martin Perelmuter and his wife Farah has global impact. Martin’s belief in speaking as a catalyst for change informs the business’ value-based culture.

Episode 89: URSULA JORCH

Are distractions keeping you from having impact? Ursula Jorch discusses the four main ways you can limit your impact, and strategies to move past those distractions.

Ursula Jorch interviews Hannah Randall for The Impact Interviews podcastEpisode 88: HANNAH RANDALL

As CEO of Manna Foodbank, which provides over 13 million meals annually, Hannah Randall provides a uniting place where people are treated with love and respect, and hope and dignity are offered at a time when it is most needed.

Christine Marie interviewed by Ursula Jorch for The Impact Interviews podcastEpisode 87: CHRISTINE MARIE

A specialist in healing inner and outer conflict, Christine Marie brings valuable to relationship and addiction work. Her holistic mind, body, heart approach allows people to address each aspect of their wholeness to create change.

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