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The Impact Manifesto

The Impact Manifesto is a powerful call to action. These beliefs define impact as the positive influence that you can have in your business and beyond.

One of the things my clients often comment on when we work on their business is that things are always shifting and changing. It’s true!

Having a business means adjusting and growing and learning. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that anchors you through all that change? Well, it’s not just nice to have, it’s essential if you want your business grow.

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One of the best anchors I know is looking at the impact, the positive influence, you want to have. So, in response to what I’m hearing from you, I’ve developed a unique way of looking at your business, one that starts with the questions, what impact do I have? What impact I want to have?

Impact is a guiding force for my business, and it can become the guiding force for yours. The Impact Manifesto stirs you to take action on the impact you want to have in your business and beyond.

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Videos on Impact, Marketing and Mindset

Watch videos on impact, marketing and mindset on the Work Alchemy YouTube channel – subscribe to be the first to see new videos. Check out the 30-Day Video Challenge!




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The Natural Networker, a guide for networking with ease.
For people who aren’t just in business to make money, here’s a tool that will help you reach more people, and have the positive impact you want to have with your business.
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