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How to Overcome the Pain of Discomfort and Grow Your Business

If there’s one thing that has been my constant companion when I focus on growth in my business, it’s discomfort! The discomfort is always associated with doing something new, or doing it in a new way. Like learning how to do videos for marketing, or effectively managing a team. New is good in your business, […]

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It’s a Wrap! Empowered Learning and Next Steps From the 30-Day Video Challenge

The Work Alchemy 30-Day Video Challenge is complete! 30 days ago, I pledged to post 30 videos in 30 days. And I did it – I even overshot a little, as I kept thinking of new things to learn and teach and share, so ended up with 38 in total. And what an experience! So […]

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Is Your Business a Labor of Love?

Love and business? What the…uh, heck? We don’t often talk about love and business together. The labor part, sure… but love? Love is not only part of your business, it’s literally and figuratively at the heart of it. The truth is, love is sweet labor. When you choose to dedicate yourself to your business, that’s […]

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Five Day Countdown! The 30-Day Video Challenge

As the 30-Day Video Challenge nears its end, I find myself both excited about completing what I committed to 26 days ago (30 videos in 30 days) and wondering what’s next. I feel a little energy ebb as I go into the final days. It’s not that I don’t have plans – I do! And […]

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Is Your Marketing Content Authentic and Impactful?

What are you sharing with your audience? Is it content that is aligned with your brand? Are you sharing it with your authentic voice? Is it  having the impact you want it to have? All good questions to be asking about your marketing content. Those aspects and more go into creating great content that really […]

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