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Your Best Day Ever: The Secrets To High Performance

I heard myself saying to my friend Carol, “I’ve just had a crazy day!” I felt frazzled, worn out, and not feeling very confident that much got accomplished. Certainly, what I wanted to complete didn’t get done. We’ve all had days like that, where there’s non-stop activity. When you have one of those crazy days, […]

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The Most Powerful Conversation You Can Have With a Prospect

On the other end of the phone, a prospective supplier was nattering on about a software platform that many of her clients use. I had just said, I don’t use that system and don’t have an interest in adopting it, and gave my reasons. This is a great example of how we (yes, I include […]

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What Are You Willing To Do To Have Impact?

Do you have a really powerful and vivid dream of the difference you’d like to make in the world, the impact you want to have? Or is your vision evolving? Either way, whether or not that dream comes to life depends very much on the answer to these questions: What are you willing to do […]

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Why Is Online Marketing So Popular? Not What You Might Think

Almost every client I have met with lately wants to launch right into online marketing. When I ask them why that is their focus, I’m greeted with a deer-in-the-headlights look. “Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be doing?” is usually the reply. In the flurry of social media success stories and spruced-up personas on Facebook, […]

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Who the Bleep Is Running Your Business Anyway?

OK, that was a little harsh. But really, it’s a valid and oh so important question. As entrepreneurs, we can so easily get derailed. The temptations are many, and they center around one thing. You are not connected with yourself. When that’s the case, it’s easier to look outside of yourself for answers. Without that […]

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